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Better the Devil You Know

Photo credit: Idea go

I just found a new, totally effective way to get my kids to pick up after themselves.I’m sure it’s not psychiatrist-recommended and I know it can’t last forever… but – hey – it’s working now and that’s all I care about for the moment. So, the back story: a couple of weeks ago, I was trying to get the kids (ages 2 and 4) to pick up their Legos such before moving on to the next mess.As usual, they put away one or two things before getting distracted and going about their business.I tried encouraging them (“good job!”), standing over them (“now pick up that one…and that one…”), bribing them (“don’t you want to go to the playground later…?”), and yelling at them (you know how it goes), but they pretty much ignored me. Out of desperation, I grabbed a metal musical triangle and said in my most steely voice: “If you don’t finish cleaning up right now, I’m going to ring this triangle.” They looked up at me, wordless.Surprise –and concern – on their faces. Sensing the sh…

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