Cast of Characters

OK. Let me start again. I poured out my heart in the first post without even introduing the International Family. So here goes:

Barb - that's me. I'm in my late 30s (very late), a former attorney, now SAHM and freelance writer. I'm a black American.

Dawg - my husband. In his 40s, still an attorney. He's a white German. We've been together for 10 years, married for almost 6.

Leroy Klaus - also known as LK or Lil'Dawg or just The Kid. This is my son, almost 19-months old. So very cute. Silky black curls, pert little chin, mischievous smile, skin the color of toasted almonds. And he's brilliant, naturally. He speaks both English and German pretty well, and has picked up a few French phrases such as "Au 'voir" and "Oooh la la!" I guess he got that from me because he isn't around French people a lot yet (subject for a later post). I don't know whether I'll post any pictures of LK here as Dawg objects to his face being in the public domain. So we'll have to see... I think it's a bit overcautious, but hey - nobody's reading at this point anyway so who cares?

Die Kleine (pronounced "D Kline-nuh") -- the surprise baby. A little more than 16 weeks in the making, so won't be playing a huge role in this blog until he makes his appearance this summer. Then again, he's been giving me lots of thumps and nudges, as I write, so maybe I'd better start practicing giving him some attention now.

So that's the family. Typical and not typical in so many ways....


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