Homeward Bound

Well, I'm off tomorrow with the two youngsters on my own. Though I'm dreading the thought of 8-hours in an airplane with two active toddlers, I am looking forward to going home. In addition to seeing my family, here's what I'm looking forward to the most:

1. Seedless grapes.

2. Inexpensive blueberries

3. Warm summer nights.

4. Knowing that I will be able to wear the little summer dresses and cute sandals that I've packed. (In Paris, summer weather is so capricious that one never knows)

5. Whole Foods

6. Not being terrified of driving in the city.

7. Seeing my kids with my family, in my city, in my country.

8. 4th of July fireworks

9. Chesapeake Bay Crabs/Crabcake sandwiches

10. U.S. shopping (the Soldes are kind of a joke in the face of a Macy's Spectacular Saturday Sale where half the store is 70% off)

11. The concept of customer service

13. The abundance of cheddar cheese

14. Life cereal


But I'll miss France, too. Apart from my husband (and the nanny), here's what I'll miss the most:

1. That I won't be able to tell who won the latest World Cup match just by listening to what language is being shouted in the streets.

2. Poker night.

3. Champagne.

4. Grocery shopping on foot (I hate lugging the kids in and out of the car everytime I need to go to the store.)

5. Umm.... I think it's been too long since my last visit home because I can't think of anything else I'll miss about Paris right now. I should probably do a post about "what I'm looking forward the most about coming back to Paris." I like Paris best after I've been away for awhile.

What do you look forward to when you go home?


Anonymous said…
Have a great trip! I totally feel you on needing time away from Paris to remember what we love about it. I'm in a bit of a pickle, though, as I've been in the States for 2 weeks and *still* don't miss Paris yet. The sun, summer dresses, Whole Foods, and English are kind of winning me over right now :)
Barb said…
Hi Sion -

Oh, I know what you mean. Every time I go to New York, I say to my husband, "Remind me why we live in Paris again?" But when we return to Paris I'm usually happy to be there. I'll always miss New York, though. Hope you decide to come back! :)

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